Our overall goal is to help our clients manage their tax matters in an increasing complex tax environment.


We do more than the regular once-a-year meeting to discuss your year-end financial statements. Effective tax 规划 is a year-round activity and is one of the most important services that we provide to our clients.

By the time a tax return is due, there is very little anyone can do to reduce taxes significantly. 采取主动而不是被动的方法, we work with you to understand your goals and objectives and then identify existing and potential tax strategies and savings.

Our goal is the same as yours—to minimize the impact taxes have on your business and thereby maximizing the value of your assets.  We will guide you through the increasingly complex tax regulations so you can better manage your risk, 避免遵从性问题和惩罚, 做出更加自信和明智的商业决策.  We handle all dealings with the tax authorities on your behalf so you can concentrate on the things that make money for your business. We will help you to claim all tax credits for which you are eligible. In some instances, you can even get financing based on tax credits that are owed to you.

随着你的生意成长或成熟, the corporate structure in place may not be adequate to protect your assets for your retirement and your family or minimize tax.  Our team of professionals have worked on many restructurings over the years and have dealt with many special circumstances.  We can review your existing corporate structure and work with you to update your structure to ensure your assets are protected and to minimize taxes.

Our expertise in tax 规划 for the owner-managed business and our personalized service will help you avoid any potential tax issues, minimize the taxes you pay and protect your financial assets.

房地产 & 信托税收服务

Trusts are a powerful tool used for tax, estate and financial 规划.  The main advantages of a trust are that it provides flexibility, control and asset protection and is a tool to administer an estate on the death of an individual.  For an overview of the services that we provide in this area, see 房地产 & 接班人计划

根据《365买球网》,信托基金被视为纳税人.  It must file a T3 Trust Income Tax and Information Return (“T3 Return”).

A T3 Return can be more complicated than a personal income tax return as there are several additional information reporting requirements.  There are also 规划 opportunities to consider to minimize taxes.

365买球网可以协助会计工作, 规划, and tax preparation for T3 returns through the following services:

  • 为房地产和家庭准备信托回报
  • 准备信任单(T3摘要和补充)
  • 将应纳税收入分配给受益人
  • Filing foreign property reporting forms and tax elections
  • 与税务机关通信


Many business and personal taxes are intertwined and at 365买球官网入口365买球网提供两者的集成服务.  We provide personal tax services for the shareholders of our corporate clients, 除了企业税务服务, to ensure their overall tax bill is minimized and effective tax 规划 strategies are in place.

Our personal tax clients also include self-employed professionals, executives with complex tax filing requirements and individuals who have special tax filing needs.

We work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs. 当365买球网准备他们的个人纳税申报表时, we ensure the available credits and tax incentives are maximized.


It certainly is unnerving when CRA sends out a simple request for more information or has determined it will do a full-scale audit.  We have the experience and technical expertise to help our clients through the process regardless of the complexity.


When you are being audited, the professional and legal fees can be significant. 因为这个原因, we offer an audit insurance product called 审计盾 to our clients to insure you against those unexpected professional fees.

Business owners or individuals buy a fee waiver service from us. 保险费保护了365买球网的客户, 最高, for the professional and legal fees to respond to an audit, 询盘, investigation or review by the CRA or a provincial tax authority.

审计盾 covers the eligible costs of responding to audits of the following:

  • 企业所得税申报
  • 税务覆核及审计
  • 个人所得税申报
  • 工资审核
  • 销售税/ HST申请
  • 雇主合规审计
  • SR&ED申请

There is a misconception that you will only be investigated if you are not compliant. 这是不正确的. The current volume of audit activity from the CRA is more than we have ever experienced. The volume will continue to increase as they continue to use powerful data-matching capabilities so even compliant and correctly prepared filings can be selected for scrutiny.


当你接受审计时, 询盘, investigation or review on your tax returns we will waive the professional fees for responding (up 最高 amount). The 审计盾 Fee Waiver Service provides full retroactive protection, so all previously submitted tax returns are protected automatically, 前提是您收到审核通知, 询盘, investigation or review during the term of your 审计盾 Waiver Service.

固定年费, 哪一项是企业可免税的, 需要参加这个项目吗.


If you would like to participate or have more questions, just give us a call at 905-947-4388. 你也可以浏览 /产品Services

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